Coaching Services

Portrait of Shawna Huntley

You Need a Life Coach

I believe being happy in every moment of your life is a real possibility and I’ll work with you to create that for yourself.


Are you tired of the daily routine of grumbling at your partner and kids to help out more?

Do you feel trapped in a passionless job, just going through the motions?

Are you overwhelmed by all the things on your to do list?

Do you think there’s something more out there for you, but you just can’t seem to take consistent and steady steps toward your dreams?

You are not alone.

Everyone I know has something challenging happening in their life.

Everyone could use support in finding the solutions that will get their lives moving in a more exciting direction.

That’s where life coaching comes in.

As a life coach, I’ll guide you through problems that have kept you in a rut at work, health, education, relationships, spirituality, and more.

I’ll help you make fulfilling changes in your life using coaching practices that are simple, effective and growth-oriented.

Coaching Can Change Your Life

During each coaching session, I’ll create a safe space for us to have open and honest conversations about your life.

I won’t be afraid to tell you what you need to hear to get you moving toward the life you want. I’ll do so gently, with compassion, and a dash of humor, when needed.

I believe the point of life is to seek joy above all else and to transcend anything that gets in the way.

So, we’ll work together to brainstorm solutions to the problems you’re facing in life. We’ll talk through potential obstacles on your journey as you walk the path to improve your life.

You’ll always leave our sessions with specific, measurable actions to guide you.

For example, if you were working toward the goal of getting a new job, your actions for the week might be: 

Identify 5 work skills that are relevant to this particular job opportunity and for each one write a sentence describing how you could use each skill in this new role.

In our follow up sessions, we’ll discuss your progress and the outcomes from those actions, so we can evaluate and fine-tune as needed.

You Need the Right Coach

I’m the right life coach for you if:

  • you are excited and ready for a change in your life
  • you believe that life should be more joyful and want help getting there
  • you are a life-long learner and are willing to expand your mind in order to better understand yourself
  • you love yourself enough to invest time and money toward your happiness

Get started with an initial consultation

Initial Consult: We’ll have a complimentary 20-minute phone consultation. During this call you’ll get a sense of my personality and my coaching style. You’ll also be able to determine whether or not you’ll feel safe in opening up to me.

I’ll ask you about the challenges you’re facing in life and determine whether or not your needs align with my expertise. Go to the Book Your Call page to sign up for our initial consultation.

Keep working together one-on-one

After our initial consultation, we can continue to work together one-on-one to keep you moving forward.

1-hour sessions: During each session we’ll discuss any life difficulties you’re facing and brainstorm ideas to reach a satisfying solution. Next, we’ll identify measurable steps for you to take prior to our next session.

In follow up sessions, we’ll discuss your progress and continue working through any additional issues that arise.

Where: Sessions are generally by phone, but video conference is an option if you prefer. If you’re local to the Des Moines area, meeting in person at a public location is also an option.

Email/Text Support: Sessions also include one text or email per week for questions or concerns that require immediate answers in order to complete the task you choose for yourself.

Rates: Sessions are $150 per 1-hour session.


Get Started: Email me to get started working together one-on-one. I’ll reply back with a welcome packet and details on how to schedule and pay for your sessions.