About Shawna Huntley

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Hello, I’m Shawna.

As a life coach, I’ll work with you to create a beautiful life using simple and effective coaching practices to guide you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Life coaching is my calling and helping others find their own unique brand of joy is my contribution to elevating the human experience.

“Shawna equips one to see greatness in themselves and to explore new ideas. Her tools build one to dream, learn and become more.” – Molly J.

My Journey to Life Coaching

Like you, I’ve experienced difficulties in my life: a fractured childhood home, divorce, single motherhood, and at times deeply painful emotional ups and downs.

Through all of those significant life challenges, I’ve always believed I deserved to be happy and wanted to find the answer to the question: “How can I be happier?” I kept looking for a way to use those painful experiences to strengthen me instead of keeping me stuck, afraid and small.

I just couldn’t believe that our Creator would develop such magnificence at the cosmic level and then fail to create that same level of excellence at the human level. There had to be an explanation for our shortcomings. What was I missing?

I learned early on that when you find yourself trapped in a situation that you don’t care for, you find your way out by expanding your awareness; by educating yourself so that you’re able to see alternate paths that are right in front of you.

To answer the endless questions rolling around in my mind, I began reading everything I could get my hands on. Hundreds of books, articles, videos, and personal insights led me down a wonderful path filled with intoxicating information.

Information that helped me to see that there are no limitations, except within the mind.


When I changed the way I thought about my problems, limitless possibilities opened up for me and my life improved in wonderful ways.

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A life full of purpose, harmony and joy

When I’m not coaching, you’ll find me tending to or reading in my garden, recreating and updating yet another piece of furniture, coming up with silly new names to call my kitties and poochies who are never far away, and creating new adventures with my family and friends. 

Incorporating coaching principles into my life has allowed me to confidently respond to life situations as they arise. I’ve chosen to live a life full of purpose, harmony, and joy. I want the same for you.

Learn more about how I coach here.