Tap into your inner wisdom and open yourself to possibilities.



“Greatness is the potent energy of life looking for an opening through which it may burst forth by means of each of us. ”     – Dennis Merritt Jones

How powerful are we?

“The ability to act on or produce an effect.”  This is the definition of power according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

When we think of power, we often relate it to something outside of ourselves, something impersonal like a motorized piece of equipment.

But humans also use power to produce an effect.  With our own minds, more specifically our thoughts, we can consciously access and then direct that inner power when we learn how to open the doorway into our deepest wisdom.

We all have wisdom, and some tap in more effectively than others.  It shows in the way we live our lives.  We are taking action more often and producing an effect or outcome more efficiently.

On the other hand, when we are unable to center ourselves in this most powerful place, we fritter away our potency, forcing ourselves to work harder as we face greater resistance, which in turn depletes us of our inherent energy.

Accessing a heightened flow of awareness makes effortless action possible.  Ancient wisdom teachers called this “connecting with the Infinite”.  Science might say that we are attaining a “super state of conscious awareness”.  It’s all the same – it’s us as creative human beings tapping into possibilities from a higher place and then acting upon the urges and impulses that follow in order to express our own personal story.  And the story we tell, through our actions, becomes our life.

Acknowledging that we are entangled or one with spirit is not required in order to reap the benefits.  Ignorance can be bliss, although it’s a bit of a gamble.  On the other hand, developing some understanding of our relationship to the cosmos can dramatically enhance our lives when we consciously focus with intention toward our desired outcomes.

Life is not random.  The outcomes we face are created by us.  Given that, would it not be better to create them more purposefully?

Whether we know it or not, we cannot escape the fact that our eternal self belongs to the infinite, an unrealized and powerful potential that is seeking expression through us from the moment of birth.

So I ask you again, when you desire something for yourself are you able to truly see it, feel it, expect it, and navigate a path toward it of your own accord?

Or do you lean heavily on others for encouragement and guidance?

How often do you simply not try at all?  Does fear prevail?

Our ability to create a life we desire by actualizing the dreams that unfold in our minds is the ultimate level of personal power.  It is an inner-driven, self-determined and engineered intention for life that begins and ends with ourselves.

Power Indicators

Below are 8 indications that we are graciously, gently, and effectively regulating our innate power by tapping into inner wisdom.

Our emotions are in check.   We are able to manage our own emotional state and feel our way to joy.  Peaceful happiness or excitement is a power emotion and we seek to maintain or find our way back to this feeling as we move through our day.

We are self-confident.  We believe in our own ability to make decisions and actively move our life forward.

We have a clear vision for our life.  We have faith in our inherent ability to look within and trust the wisdom that is guiding us forward.  We realize that inner wisdom exists for a reason and we will not allow ourselves or others to question it and perpetuate doubt.

We know how to generate our own momentum.  We set intentions and manage our precious time to reach our vision.  We quietly dismiss well-intentioned others who could waste our time because we follow the vision laid before us without outer distraction.

We openly express ourselves in order to positively influence the world around us.  We value our innate creativity and know that we have a right to share our thoughts both verbally and behaviorally on matters pertaining to our lives.

We manage our thoughts so that our thoughts don’t manage us.  We consciously make space in our day to quiet the chatter in our minds, so that we’re able to source the valuable wisdom that is always guiding us.

We follow an intuitive organizational system in order to minimize chaos and maximize time.   Having a smart plan that assists us in maintaining efficiencies frees up space in our lives for the unexpected so that we never have to say no to a new opportunity.

We value connections.  We recognize that the relationships we form with others are the key to opening new doors.  Individual talents and gifts are meant to be shared as we align our individual abilities with the greater community around us.

Begin a New Practice Today

“One conscious breath, in and out, that is meditation.”  – Eckhart Tolle

The importance of breathing. 

The past is over, and the future depends on today, so this moment now is all that really matters.  And connecting to this moment requires conscious breathing.  Learning to breathe in deeply and releasing the breath fully allows the cells of our bodies to regenerate themselves so that they are able to maintain ideal health.  The breath clears the mind of cobwebs.  The breath relaxes and encourages us to ground ourselves in our bodies and release negative emotion. The breath brings us back to center so that we may connect to our greater potential.

A breathing process for you to connect. 

Find a quiet and comfortable place to sit.  Close your eyes.

Soft instrumental music in the background may help you to relax more quickly.  The sound of a piano soothes me personally.  Your process will become your own with practice.  Be sensitive to what works for you.

Relax by gradually noticing and releasing tension as you scan your body from head to toe.

Place your hand on your chest, over your heart center, so that you’ll feel your chest expanding and relaxing.

Focus your mind solely on your breath.

Inhale deeply through your nose.  Feel your breath in the lower lobes of your lungs.

Release your breath gently.

Continue breathing in and out until your breath is soft and effortless.  Your lungs should fully expand with each breath inward.

Your mind will become peaceful and your heart should feel open.  You should feel joy, the very essence of the Infinite.

You are now at peace and connected to your center where your power resides.

Follow this process in the morning, the afternoon, and evening – or whenever you need to reconnect with your inner self where all potential and power exists.  Trust that you are all you need, for it all resides within you, and awaits to be expressed through you.

Be Forever in Joy.

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