Activate your imagination and open the door to your ideal life


“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.” -Henry David Thoreau

You roll out of bed, put your feet on the floor.

Eyes half shut; you wander into the kitchen for a cup of coffee.

More of the same thing today. You shift into autopilot.

Your list of to-dos is long – work, errands, kids to school, yard work, laundry…it goes on and on.

Can you see the path, how it repeats itself over and over?

Yes, you’re thankful for all you have, but the routine of daily life has settled over you – your dreams fading into the background, nearly forgotten, if not completely left behind.

What happened to the thrills of living that once propelled you into action?

You keep moving, checking the boxes, until the day is done. And then, it begins again.

There is more to your life

Deep within you is a daydreamer. That dreamer is the child within you. It’s filled with joy. It carries the vision for your most ideal life experience. It speaks to you as an idea, a desire, an urge or yearning for something more, something new. It stimulates your heart to offer you another way forward instead of the same old path you’ve been on. Some of you are still aware of your dreams – they flow through you like the river Nile. While others refuse to let them out, believing that there are limits to how one’s life can change and that they must make the most of their current monotonous situation.

Which one are you? Are you the nondreamer? If so, what keeps you from activating your imagination?

Let me guess, you don’t believe there are endless possibilities. You’ve been so focused in on the trajectory in front of you that other avenues have faded from your vision. And if you could reawaken your ability to see or imagine, as you did when you were a child, greater opportunity would quickly present itself to you. But will you contemplate that there may be more in store for you? Or are you so deeply settled into your current routine that your fate has been firmly sealed? All the while, a small part of you continues to fade into the shadows of your mind where it yearns to be seen and expressed more abundantly.

How do you rediscover possibilities?

You reawaken your imagination. A new life begins with one simple and intriguing idea. It’s okay, give yourself permission to consider new pathways for your life. Don’t snuff out your dreams by listing out all the reasons you can’t have the new experiences you want. Yes, it’s true that big changes take time. And you may not be able to have the dream today. It’s something that unfolds as you gather more information along the journey. Each step is conveniently and serendipitously laid out before you. Your mind leads the way forward one precious nugget at a time to allow you to become the person you’ll need to be in order to experience the reality you’ve been dreaming about. Ultimately, you are what needs to transform. And that is accomplished gently and gradually. It requires one small psychological stretch at a time until you’ve become the person you see in your dream. And once you transform, your life transforms.

Begin a New Practice Today

Opening your imagination is a skill and a gift that requires your consistent attention. Find a quiet place to relax. Notice your breathing as you inhale and exhale to release any internal and unnecessary mental chatter. Allow new ideas to flow effortlessly. Expand your consciousness and allow yourself to get lost in the potentialities that are meaningful to you. For example, if you’re the person that wants to travel more, write down all the places you yearn to experience. Don’t stop writing until all the places you’d love to see are on your list – think big! What do you want to see, taste, touch, smell, hear while you travel? Imagine the experience until it feels like you are there. Are you hiking in the fragrant Maroon Bells of Colorado? Are you tasting the smokiness of an espresso in Buenos Aires, Argentina? Are you lounging in the warm sunlight of the powdery dunes of Sardinia?

Where are you when you go to that place you most escape to in your imagination?

What do you see that feels amazing to you?

You can have anything you desire.

But you must go there in the mind before you can go there in the body.

So, go for it, and feel yourself come alive!

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